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    My Statistics

    J. Mandrose
    J. Mandrose

    Join date : 2011-04-14
    Location : Yorkshire, England

    My Statistics

    Post by J. Mandrose on Wed Aug 31, 2011 4:02 am

    As I was bored, I decided to make a list of statistics of my time in the ERT. Will update when bored again.

    Arrests: 1

    Number of Times Pistol Drawn: 1

    Number of Times Shotgun Used:
    Number of Times Pistol Fired (On duty):

    Number of Times Baton Used:

    Number of Times Mace Used:

    Major Incidents: Hostage Taking at Mountain View

    Vehicle Crashes Dealt With:
    Vehicle Crashes Involved In:

    (OOC: Still looking through the Patrol Centre for my posts.)

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