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    Forensics Lab


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    Forensics Lab Empty Forensics Lab

    Post by DCBurke on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:11 am

    Please drop off all evidence here under the following format. Will be kept until processed and case closed, afterwards will be moved to evidence lockup.
    Call ID:
    Piece of Evidence:
    Location found:
    Identifying characteristics:
    Additional Comments:
    [FORENSICS USE] Evidence info:

    [FORENSICS USE] Signing officer:

    Example evidence:
    Call ID: 25092008, Bank Robbery
    Piece of Evidence: Black Leather glove, RH
    Location found: Behind flower pot by front door
    Identifying characteristics: Rip in the top of the index finger. Blood on rip
    Additional Comments: Tear believed to be caused when suspect was wearing glove, blood is on glove, may provide DNA
    [FORENSICS USE] Evidence info: Evidence turned up postive match for one Daniel Lewis Johnson, 25, frm Toronto Canada, now residing on 24 1st street in Phoxlind. Warrant issued.
    [FORENSICS USE] Signing officer: Forensic Lt. Burke

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    Forensics Lab Empty Re: Forensics Lab

    Post by F.Jansen on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:36 am

    Call ID: 22082010
    Piece of Evidence: Security tape
    Location found: In bar
    Identifying characteristics: VCR tape
    Additional Comments: n/a
    [FORENSICS USE] Evidence info:
    [FORENSICS USE] Signing officer:

    Call ID: 22082010
    Piece of Evidence: Handprint
    Location found: Counter
    Identifying characteristics: Big hand
    Additional Comments: n/a
    [FORENSICS USE] Evidence info:
    [FORENSICS USE] Signing officer:

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