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    Hero's Pub & Club

    ERT nut
    ERT nut

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    Hero's Pub & Club

    Post by J.Floan on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:40 pm

    Hero's is a simple After Hours Pub located in the Middle of Downtown Phoxlind which caters to All Emergency Service Workers. Behind the bar you will usually find an Old Firefighter back from the " To Hell With Air Pack " days named Slim. There are 3 Bar Stools set aside by different colors and reserved specifically for Lt. Floan, Cpt. Raven and DC Burke. they sit at the corner of the bar nearest the tap.

    The Waitresses are all dressed in various FD, EMS and PD Uniforms however Modified to better " Suit " the clientel. there are approx 17 bar Stools sitting around a Semi Circle bar top. All of the 30 Dinner Tables are made of a Medium Grade Oak with a decent pair of chairs to sit at each table.

    The Club is a Simple dance floor which will hold roughly 30 people but most come top Hero's for the Pub.

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