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    Phoxland car dealers

    Bruce Beard
    ERT nut
    ERT nut

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    Phoxland car dealers

    Post by Bruce Beard on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:46 pm

    here you will find new and used cars all models Ford, GM, Crysler... etc

    (PLEASE use your best judgement when purchasing a new vehicle and make it a realistic price,im not going to list the price of every model here. also if youd like include a pic of the car your buying Smile )

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    Re: Phoxland car dealers

    Post by DCBurke on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:52 pm

    (Also, if you buy a caddy, and you're on a probie firefighter's salary, I'll send the IRS to break down your door and take the car back. Also if you are only making 60 thou and live alone in a HOUSE you just bought when moving here, then don't expect a brand new car, or two. I'll remove them myself)


    District Commissioner Burke
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    J Fisher

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    Re: Phoxland car dealers

    Post by J Fisher on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:53 pm

    I pull up on my bike, hop off and start looking at some trucks and cars,
    2006 Ford mustang, blue,5 spd, 85,000 miles, $15,000
    that is way to expensive for me for that
    1999 Ford F150, Red, 4 spd with O/D, 56,000 miles, $6,000
    That ain't to bad, maybe
    1993 Nissan 300ZX, White, 6spd, Twin Turbo, T-Tpos, 66,000 miles $7,000
    I really Like that, but there all so expensive,
    I hop on my bike and ride back to the house
    J Fisher

    Join date : 2011-03-31
    Age : 24
    Location : B-wick, MD

    Re: Phoxland car dealers

    Post by J Fisher on Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:15 pm

    I go up to the main office and tell them i want a test drive of both of the vehicles, test drive:
    F150: relable truck, good power, terrible mileage though
    300ZX: Fast, Love the T-Tops, Descent mileage
    I go inside and fill out the paperwork for the 300ZX,
    I talk them down 1,500 form asking price Very Happy
    I get in my new baby and head home
    D. Lidner
    Posting Specialist
    Posting Specialist

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    Re: Phoxland car dealers

    Post by D. Lidner on Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:41 pm

    *I walk in and am confronted by a car salesman. I ask him to look at the lower costing vehicles he has on the lot. I walk behind him as he brings me to a 1995 Lincoln Town car. I look at all the features and the price, a 10,000$. I then follow him to the 2nd car, a 1994 Nissan Altima GLE, the luxury edition of the Altima, for 5,000$ I nod.
    'I'd to take this on a test drive.'
    'Alright, thats fine.'
    *The man hands me the keys and gets in the passenger seat. I drive it around the block then park it again.
    'I'd like this one.'
    'Alrighty, Come inside and we'll get the paperwork taken care of.'
    *I do the paperwork with the man, and get approved for the loan, and pay the man the down payment, and recieve my temp-tags and the keys to the vehicle. The man brings the car to the front of the lot. I get inside it and
    Posting Specialist
    Posting Specialist

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    Re: Phoxland car dealers

    Post by J.Morrison on Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:30 pm

    * I pull up to the Car dealership and put my car in Park. I step out and start walking around and im immediatly baraged sales people. *

    ' Ok Ok Ok guys i know exactly what im looking for. and its right over there on the Showroom Floor. '

    * I point to the only obvious choice. a 1999 Ferrari 575 Maranello. Matte Black with Camel Interior and Black wheels. *

    Salesman: umm yea Ms. we just got that in and immmm not sure its for you.

    Me: oook. look whats ur name.......Justin. Ok Justin um let me tell you what im gonna do. Im gonna walk in there and im gonna take that car for a test drive, im then gonna fill out some financing paperwork and then im gonna walk out of here with that vehicle. If you say anything else other than yes ma'am im gonna cause the biggest scene you can imagine. My credit is fine, I dont have a trade in either so that saves you the paperwork for that, so what do u say. u wanna make some money tonight or no?

    Salesman: Yes Ma'am

    Me: Good Boy i thought so, so lets go and take her for a drive.

    * The salesman takes the car off the floor. hearing the V12 Engine rev is like a dream come true. I get behind the wheel and take it off the lot, I immediatly turn around and park it in fron tof the dealership. I get out and close the door, the salesman gets out with a dumbfounded look on his face. *

    Salesman: Whats the problem?

    Me: Nothing I'll take it!!.

    Salesman: but you havent even driven it yet.

    Me: Look Justin, this is a Ferrari 575 Maranello, its the exact color I want with the exact interior I want, its the year im interested in and we are in sucha small townt hat how often do u think one fo these will be around again?? probably never so lets just cut the crap and i'll take it.

    * I smile and we both walk in to do the paperwork. I look at the procetag showing 64,000 dollars. I apply for financing, im approved with a 2.3% interest for 5 years with 26,000 down in cashiers check...I get into the ferrari and start her up after the salesman gives me the keys. I cry a bit when i finally ralize this is mine. the salesman comes running up to the car as im about to drive away. *

    Salesman: Jamie, what about your Jeep?

    Me: I'll be back for it in a little while.

    Salesman: well if you like we can arrange for transport for it back to your house>

    Me: Nah im good Justin but thank you, However those chocolates and Wine you promised me in the room earlier I would definatly take later on.

    Salesman: sure thing Jamie. have a great drive.

    * I roll up the window and drive off towards John's House. *

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    Re: Phoxland car dealers

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