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News Topic

For those interested, here's the latest news:
Progress in receiving a copy of IP.Board, and a domain has halted, no money flow means no new things. If you have an idea on how to make money, please share.

We are also getting full in fire and police departments. I'm going to Hire two more officers for the police division, those being an officer for the stealth unit in traffic or that officer's replacement, and an officer to fill Libor's seat on PC-6

That leads me to two more pieces of news. Libor will be receiving a brand new duty suburban that will be the K9 unit, and...

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 ERT Global Alert:  

Non ERT Persons of Interest

City Mayor: Jason Tulip
Chief of Staff, Kitson General: Doctor Lisa Sattler
Fort Basio Base Commander: Brigadier General Albert Frankos
Fort Basio Search And Rescue Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Brad Richardson
Phoxlind Transit Subway Foreman: Bradley Turnpike
Port Jason Naval Officer in Charge: Admiral Reece Kolhammer
PEMS Chief of Operations: Lucas Turner
PFD Chief: Ryan Turnblad
PFD Deputy Chiefs: Jeff Rosner, Tyler Flemming
PPD Chief: Donald L. Jackson
PPD Deputy Chiefs: Brad Foley, Frank Ignatio
Trulit Mayor: Betty Johnson
Trulit Sheriff:...

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This is a set of rules to be followed by all personnel, in effect immediately. Failure to do so can result in severe punishment, such as demotion, transfers, continued denial of promotion, and probationary status being put back into effect.

1. Regarding Certifications, Suspensions, and other play inhibiting punishments.
No officer, other than the ones listed here may enact any form of the above mentioned punishments, for any reasons whatsoever. If a member feels that someone has committed an offense deservable of this they are to report it directly to the Commissioner...

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 ERT Global Alert:  

Terms of Service

By participating in the ERT RPG community and game, you agree to the following rules.

1. Abide by In Character and Out of Character Limitations: This means that for in character forums, you stay in character, and that character does not carry to out of character spots. For more information of in character and out of character please see google.

2. Your avatar and Signature are COPA issued:
Each member in the ERT will be issued an avatar with either a shield or badge and a signature with their unit and rank as done by COPA. You agree...

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Instead of a paragraph at the end of a call, this is how things will work now.

Summary will come from COPA. I'll show an example summary from a call and highlight points in red to explain.

ERT Call 070910
Small House Fire
Notice Call number: Month, day, year

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Lightforce 1 Additional
Patrol Cars 1, 6
All units brought on to the scene are listed.
Call arrived at...

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During this call two members were injured. Lt. Ewan Raven of the Light Force squad 1.Chuck Davis will be replacing him as acting Truck officer until he is able to return to active duty. Light Force officer will be temporarily taken over by Lt. Hannahan until Raven returns, unless otherwise stated.

As for firefighter Jack Lueckenbach, it is believed he has broken his leg, however it may just be a sprain of sorts. Upon review from a doctor it will determine his leave of absence

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Possible Multiple Attempted Homicide

All units respond Code 3.
ALS-1 standby out four blocks.

Lets see... I'll start with what I thought it'd be. I figured someone would arrive and see the vic getting a beat down of sorts, maybe 6 people there or so.. Then those six would be dispersed, chased down etc while vic got treatment, call ended, simple enough, just lotta suspects, possibility of violence and an injury inflicting by attackers.

How it actually went, PC's arrived and staged out or hung around. TAC arrived on scene, which wasn't requested....

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Third Alarm Fire
LFA Due with Medical and Fire supports

All persons rescued, one ERT firefighter sent to hospital with non life threatening injuries. PFD Entry team was also rescued

The good the bad and the ugly:
The good:
I want to commend Forsyth for roleplaying an error in someone's reading, instead of correcting OOC, she proceeded to fix this using roleplay. I am proud. I also want to thank the members of the call for participating so actively, and for gnereally following orders.
The Bad:
I did have to ask for victim count a few...

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Car accident
All due

This review will include COPA's comments and report recommendations and clarifications to be followed by all persons. It will not include officer independant reviews.

The call was reported as having two casualties, one deceased, and one who is still in hospital now, and has been marked as stable.

I want to make reference to my big rules, which are following shift schedules, and use of POVs. First with shift schedules, only one person was allowed to respond in POV, the rest should've been...

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Shed Fire

Victims: One Minor burns, one being treated at Trauma centre for major burns and smoke inhilation


Good victim count afterbeing reminded... You guys did remember to do it, AFTER I mentioned it three times... It's expected for a new policy though, so I'll let it slide this time.

Squad 1 didn't seem to do much with whoever was on scene. It looked pretty boring after the person was found. I have said a million times to a million or more, that god modding is okay, if it's required... Fifty minutes...

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ERT Call 22012011Tango
Training fire at the Training Academy's Four story Structure. 17 people counted missing. Worked with EMT and Paramedic Cadets.

Units or Task Forces on scene:
ERTTA EMS Ambulance 1,2
ERTTA EMS Support Car
PEMS Mass Casualty unit (last run)

arrived at 1845h of a fully involved fire at the Training Academy, no cause stated. Later determined as a gas line rupture, causing rapid ignition....

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Official Run-down of investigation

This was a point of oppurtunity attack, and nothing planned.

The FBI and ERT joint investigation into this incident has determined that:

Incident 09122010Echo was not joint in with 06122010Echo
09122010Echo was an attack made when a member of this organization, Loctis spotted COPA Officer, Dispatcher Daniels leaving in...

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ERT Call 06122010Echo
Hostage Situation at a bank in Trulit

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Patrol Cars

Call arrived at 14:07 of a Standoff in Trulit. Sherrif was on sceneand secured a perimeter. ERT sent all requested Patrols, TAC and EMS. Scene was secured within 6 hours. DC was on scene.

One death(Police Officer), off scene, one major injury, several minor. No major personnel injuries, COPA personnel injury...

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ERT Call 11112010 Echo and 11112010 Alpha
Emergency alert for arson of military building and intruder alert into ERT Complex

Units or Task Forces onscene
LFA to Fire
ERT Complex was scene for intruder alert
All surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies

In the early morning, a 911 call was directed to us for a possible arson on the Fort Basio Unwalled Grounds. After dispatching LFA, DC Burke received an intruder alert from a security officer when a vehicle smashed through the front gate into the building....

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ERT Call 27102010
Emergency alert for Hit and Run reported by officer on patrol

Units or Task Forces onscene
S-1, ALS-1, PC's

PC -8 respond from initial patrol, spotting a crowd gathering, when body found, COPA was contacted and EMS was dispatched. In waiting for EMS, school Nurse from just down the street was called up to assist. Susepct chased and arrested. Victim treated at ERT hospital with injuries not considered life threatening

Overall, it was good, I noticed very few problems.

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ERT Call 16102010a
Emergency Rescue call for trapped and missing worker. Downed electrical wires

Units or Task Forces onscene
P-11, S-1. P-11. ALS-1, BLS-1.

Rescue call was made to us to respond to a trapped and missing person after a structural failure in a showroom. Fire hazard posed.

One thing I want to point out were that I did notice a lack of information at one point in the call, however otherwise, proceeded well. Another thing is that the TO for S1 was still acting and not the official...

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ERT Call 28092010
Emergency assistance requested in a drug raid from Trulit Sherrif Department. ERT primary contact due to potential of crossing jurisdictions

Units or Task Forces onscene
P-11, S-1. BLS-1, ALS-1. Patrol Units. TAC RRT.

The call was placed through to COPA at 0200h by the TSD requesting we assist with a drug raid. After a quick raid, the lab was shut down. A transport truck on it's way to Phoxlind was overturned when chased, and caught fire to surrounding brush, cuasing destruction of some...

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ERT Call 08092010
Industrial alarm activated, IR PFD unable to respond, ERT second in contact.

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Lightforce Additional
Industrial Region PFD Tanker and Pumper.

At 1727h a 911 call was placed for a reported smoke from the old Kleiner Warehouse, seurity investigating. 1733h PFD received another call of a large fire. PFD-IR requested. Unable to accept call, so ERT responded as the second...

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ERT Call 06092010
Crash into harbour, dive required

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Squad 1
Port Authority Marine Unit

At 2101h a 911 call was placed to ERT by a harbour worker after a vehicle left the road, veered onto the pier and spun off into the ocean. One harbour worker was injured. ERT responded to rescue the person however it was too late and they were declared Dead on scene.

Minor injuries to...

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ERT Call 04092010
Large House fire Mutual Aid

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Lightforce Additional
TVFD Engine and Tanker
TSD Two units

At 6pm a 911 call was placed and handled by the TVFD. They did an initial search after the family reported their child unaccounted for. No child was found. At this time we received the call for Squad one to lead an SAR operation. Within one minute they upgraded the alarm requesting a full Light Force Additional...

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This doesn't get a full report, it was just a complete and utter fail. ERT level of respect to everyone dropped 500 points.

About three memebrs were good the rest.. Just wow.

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ERT Call 19082010
Car Fire

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Lightforce 1

Arrived by home owner and RO of inflamed vehicle. P-11 arrived later to be assited by L-1 with extinugishing a fire that spread to a nearby tree loft that collapsed.

No injuries.

Fire cadets are not fully ready to graduate and act irresponsibly.

District Commissioner Burke, COPA Main

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ERT Call 14082010
Reported Break and Enter escalated to armed suspect and arson.
Units or Task Forces on Scene:
Light Force-1
Major Crime Unit AG-1, representing Arson unit.

911 call of a break and enter reported at 1800h. Patrol Unit 2 sent to check it out. Suspect was found outside of house armed and officer spotted what he believed to be fire inside. Light Force was put on staging outside of scene awaiting clearance. PC-6 responded but cancelled for medical assistance for call 16082010. Scene cleared and Agency...

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ERT Call 073110
Drug Bust, escalated to fire and police chase.

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Lightforce 1
Patrol Cars 2, 6
RRT and AG-1 Due but never responded.

Received a request from FBI for a drug raid after reception of a warrant for 44 Jackson Blvd. Requested police watch roads while TAC and AG-1 geared up. After red Honda Civic fleed scene with suspects, they were arrested after a police chase involving State...

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ERT Call 072610
Two vehicle MVA

Units or Task Forces on scene:
Lightforce 1
Patrol Cars 6

arrived after DC Burke witnessed a head on collision at 10:42am on the Trulit Interpass. Vehicle with deaths pulled a U-turn and slid out in front of the other car, a pole found in the trunk, believe to be on car dash was the driver's killer. Police, EMS and LF-1 dispatched immediately as DC tended to scene.

One death...

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ERT Call 071710
Unknown All8units at city hall

Units or Task Forces on scene:
PC 6

Call arrived at 13:19 of a kitchen fire. All ERT Personnel dispatched. DC-1 arrived on scene as DC issued orders.
No deaths, no civil injuries, No personnel injuries. Traffic closed in East Bound lane, building secured and cleared.

Units arrived on scene and sat around awaiting orders. Should've taken action.

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